A Spade By Any Other Name…


Ever wonder where the term “call a spade a spade” came from?

Well, according to wordorigins.com, it, like many things in life, is all a big mix-up:

“The phrase means to speak bluntly, without euphemism or delicacy.

The phrase comes to us from Plutarch (c.46-c.120 A.D.), the Greek biographer and essayist, although not in its current form. Plutarch used the phrase to call a bowl a bowl in his Apophthegmata. The Renaissance scholar Desiderius Erasmus (1467-1536) translated Plutarch and made an error when he came to this phrase. He confused the Greek word for bowl with that for a shovel; in Greek they are very similar, coming from the same root.”

“The More you Know…”

Do Da-da- daaaaaaa


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One response to “A Spade By Any Other Name…

  1. Veronique

    Interesting to know. Now I know more about the phrase.

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