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First Documented Natural Child Conception by 2 Women

Zac Hanson, the “littlest Hanson of all,” is now the proud parent of a baby boy.  Her, and her wife, Kate, welcomed John Hanson, 8lbs 4 ounces on Tuesday.   The discovery will surely baffle biologists, as all we know about human procreation has now been altered.

Wait.  Zac is a guy?  I had no idea.  Huh…what a shock.

His sisters, Issac and Taylor were unavailable for comment.

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Next week: Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, and Woody Allen jokes.


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The Gods Must Have Cameras

The BBC has reported that a previously undiscovered, and currently uncontacted tribe has been found on the border of Brazil and Peru.

Here’s hoping they didn’t drop a Coke bottle while taking these pictures.

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