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Way to Kill Your Friday Work Time #452

Great site I just discovered that will surely eat up at least 35 minutes of your day at your job that requires you to sit in front of a computer until 5.

Sorry I Missed Your Party is a blog dedicated to those awful party pictures put up on their photo websites.  The site gives a little commentary on the submitted pictures of public drunkenness/embarassing states of undress/pathetic gatherings.  WARNING: Some of the pictures can be slightly NSFW, so be careful.

I found that the earlier posts were best, but the site seems to update at least once a day.

This may be the ugliest party I’ve ever seen.



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What’s Going On

–A busy Court: The decision goes against the DC gun ban. Apparently, there’s a right to hunt in the District. When I see buffalo threatening my apartment complex, I’ll agree. Awesome. Thanks, Douche bags.   Also, when will we give up that whole, need for a militia crap? (Washington Post)

–A few views on the Supreme Court’s decision, yesterday, on the death penalty. Time to re-think this whole thing? Here’s some extra info about how we kill people, legally. Sigh. (Various)

–PS–The Onion chimes in.

Hand dryers v. paper towels. (Slate)

Powell for Obama? (Salon)

No stimulus for me—I fell into the “student loan” category. (USAToday)

–The fallout of Shaq’s rap—he’s been fired by the Police force; must turn in his badge. And here, I almost forgot about him being a rent-a-cop. Glad we sorted that out. (Yahoo)

–Holy crap, these Euro matches have been amazing. Look for my upcoming football/soccer blog in the coming week.

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What’s Going On

A roundup of links around the Web:

Celine Dion makes ears bleed with AC/DC cover (Yahoo).

–SLATE’s lamentation of the semicolon.

–Naan for Nana (Onion).

–‘Guitar Hero’ could be more Fab [4] (Rolling Stone)

–Blackburn Rovers hire first black manager in Premier League, Paul Ince (Guardian).

–God bless the Internet 2.0 (Dickipedia)

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Are You Kidding me?! 15 Years???

When news of a re-issue of the out of print album Exile in Guyville, by Liz Phair was announced, I got a little excited.  “Oh….I let some ex-girlfriend borrow that once and never got it back…it’ll be nice to replace it.”

What’s the occasion for the re-issue?

It’s the 15 year anniversary this week.

15 years?????????  When did that happen?  Wasn’t I just listening to it in my walkman?  Or was it the tape player in my dad’s car, parked in the driveway, because I didn’t want anyone in the house to hear the lyrics?  If that was 15 years ago, then how long ago was it that I bought the CD version, still mesmerized by the idea of a grown woman/rocker possibly more fascinated with sex than every guy in my high school?  When in that 15 years did I loan said compact disk out, then have to replace it with a burned copy, illegally downloaded from Napster on my college computer, freshman year?


I guess it has been a while.

Will the song content still make me look over my shoulder to see if anyone heard Liz talking about being the “Queen” of a specific skill (although, it will be on an ipod this time)?   Will I still feel way to young to be listening, or feel too old as the attitude of recklessness is passing me by?  Will I write another blog post to shamelessly put pictures of my once-upon-a-time-make-believe-girlfriend on my site?

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A Silver Lining for Domenech

I have been meaning to write posts about the ongoing Euro 2008 football/soccer tournament.  Now that the whole thing is half way over, I may be late to the game…er, “match,” but I’ll give it my valiant effort.

Fun little news story coming out today:  Football powerhouse France were just dumped from the tournament after a 2-0 defeat to Italy.  After the loss, Frenchie manager, Raymond Domenech, was approached for comment.  Did he complain about the ref?  Did he moan on about the over-aggressive tackling of the Italians?  No.

He proposed to his girlfriend.

“I have only one plan at the moment, it is to marry Estelle, and it is only this evening that I ask for her hand in marriage,” said Domenech, who had been asked about whether he felt he had a future as France coach.

“There are beautiful things in life,” Domenech told reporters. “In difficult moments, you want to tell people you love them, you want to say the things that matter.”

Cue Hollywood pitch-makers, and get Roberto Benigni some glasses (I know Benigni is Italian—don’t worry–Americans won’t be able to tell the difference between the accents).

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Crap We Found by the Side of the Road On the Way Home From the Bar, 2.0

You know how you see another person’s trash and think to yourself, “Gee.  I could make use of that.”

Now, thanks to the internet, and especially Craigslist, you can do that from the comfort of your own cubicle.

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