Are You Kidding me?! 15 Years???

When news of a re-issue of the out of print album Exile in Guyville, by Liz Phair was announced, I got a little excited.  “Oh….I let some ex-girlfriend borrow that once and never got it back…it’ll be nice to replace it.”

What’s the occasion for the re-issue?

It’s the 15 year anniversary this week.

15 years?????????  When did that happen?  Wasn’t I just listening to it in my walkman?  Or was it the tape player in my dad’s car, parked in the driveway, because I didn’t want anyone in the house to hear the lyrics?  If that was 15 years ago, then how long ago was it that I bought the CD version, still mesmerized by the idea of a grown woman/rocker possibly more fascinated with sex than every guy in my high school?  When in that 15 years did I loan said compact disk out, then have to replace it with a burned copy, illegally downloaded from Napster on my college computer, freshman year?


I guess it has been a while.

Will the song content still make me look over my shoulder to see if anyone heard Liz talking about being the “Queen” of a specific skill (although, it will be on an ipod this time)?   Will I still feel way to young to be listening, or feel too old as the attitude of recklessness is passing me by?  Will I write another blog post to shamelessly put pictures of my once-upon-a-time-make-believe-girlfriend on my site?


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