What’s Going On

–A busy Court: The decision goes against the DC gun ban. Apparently, there’s a right to hunt in the District. When I see buffalo threatening my apartment complex, I’ll agree. Awesome. Thanks, Douche bags.   Also, when will we give up that whole, need for a militia crap? (Washington Post)

–A few views on the Supreme Court’s decision, yesterday, on the death penalty. Time to re-think this whole thing? Here’s some extra info about how we kill people, legally. Sigh. (Various)

–PS–The Onion chimes in.

Hand dryers v. paper towels. (Slate)

Powell for Obama? (Salon)

No stimulus for me—I fell into the “student loan” category. (USAToday)

–The fallout of Shaq’s rap—he’s been fired by the Police force; must turn in his badge. And here, I almost forgot about him being a rent-a-cop. Glad we sorted that out. (Yahoo)

–Holy crap, these Euro matches have been amazing. Look for my upcoming football/soccer blog in the coming week.


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