Way to Kill Your Friday Work Time #452

Great site I just discovered that will surely eat up at least 35 minutes of your day at your job that requires you to sit in front of a computer until 5.

Sorry I Missed Your Party is a blog dedicated to those awful party pictures put up on their photo websites.  The site gives a little commentary on the submitted pictures of public drunkenness/embarassing states of undress/pathetic gatherings.  WARNING: Some of the pictures can be slightly NSFW, so be careful.

I found that the earlier posts were best, but the site seems to update at least once a day.

This may be the ugliest party I’ve ever seen.



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3 responses to “Way to Kill Your Friday Work Time #452

  1. Ry

    I freakin’ love this site. In fact, when I found it I was tempted to upload a certain someone dressed as a pirate and laying in a kiddy pool full of booze. Yeah, I think that’d make the cut.

  2. Ummmm…..I believe that “person” was wearing a “white trash” outfit, not a pirate one. Er…or so he told me. Or something.

  3. Ry

    Woops, did I leave out the ‘butt’ before the ‘pirate’? My bad.

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