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A Silver Lining for Domenech

I have been meaning to write posts about the ongoing Euro 2008 football/soccer tournament.  Now that the whole thing is half way over, I may be late to the game…er, “match,” but I’ll give it my valiant effort.

Fun little news story coming out today:  Football powerhouse France were just dumped from the tournament after a 2-0 defeat to Italy.  After the loss, Frenchie manager, Raymond Domenech, was approached for comment.  Did he complain about the ref?  Did he moan on about the over-aggressive tackling of the Italians?  No.

He proposed to his girlfriend.

“I have only one plan at the moment, it is to marry Estelle, and it is only this evening that I ask for her hand in marriage,” said Domenech, who had been asked about whether he felt he had a future as France coach.

“There are beautiful things in life,” Domenech told reporters. “In difficult moments, you want to tell people you love them, you want to say the things that matter.”

Cue Hollywood pitch-makers, and get Roberto Benigni some glasses (I know Benigni is Italian—don’t worry–Americans won’t be able to tell the difference between the accents).


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